Pointed planets out to you in the sky, as we lay. Heads tilted back, lost in the stars. Disjointed words making all the more sense in our reverie. Not even one feeling, nor want, nor lust. An emptiness. A purity of mind that made me believe. Made me believe in the shooting star we had become. However fleeting.

An hour hand striking the number one. A curtain closing. A tomorrow built on the faded glimpses of yesterday.

And a letter that I would never send, left on the desk of some other realm within which our bodies walked and talked and acted out the lie. Playing the card of strangers and hiding the hands of fate that had enveloped us in some other alternate universe. Wound up in each other on some other plane, pretending that what was happening wasn’t really happening. The truth melted into the hallucination we had created.

Lost in the desert, wishing for the mirage to render whole, yet watching it slowly fade.