You said I’d wake up dead drunk
Alone in the park
I called you a liar
But how right you were
Air conditioned TV land, 20 grand
Walk to the bank
With shakes from the night before
Staring at the tiki floor
High school wedding ring
Keys are under the mats
Of all the houses here
But not the motels
I try to sing it funny like Beck
But it’s bringing me down
Lower than ground
Beautiful ground

Beautiful ground

Test tones and
Failed clones and
Odd parts made you



I read “whatever we attend to will grow”. Then I wondered what parts of myself have I attended to? What parts are growing? And alternatively, what parts have I ignored or abandoned?

Since intimacy requires letting someone know me as I know myself to be, it means that I must have some degree of stable identity – a persona that remains fairly constant across changing circumstances.